What’s the Idea Behind the Plant Our Future Project?

As part of our larger construction work, we’re excited to announce Plant Our Future, an initiative to restore the beautiful Assabet Riverside behind our community-owned grocery store and support our fundraising needs!

This is a chance for you, our co-op supporters, to join your environmental values with our co-op’s significant funding needs. We know the donation levels for this initiative do not reflect the actual costs of each planting. Each donation is an opportunity to double our impact, planting a vibrant riverside ecosystem and moving our community-owned grocery store closer to Opening Day 2023. And the need is real…

As most folks know, we’re building a grocery store that is 100% community-owned and prioritizes local farms and producers. But manufacturing delays and an 80% increase in construction costs have left a $1.75 million funding gap. More than 2,000 owners, including dozens of local farmers, are counting on our co-op. We must close this gap before we open our grocery store to avoid significant debt and achieve our mission.

Please see the images below to choose your donation category, whether a beautiful native tree, shrub, birdhouse, pollinator plant, or seed packet. Donations will be recognized (that’s my tree!) and are tax-deductible. Then, join us in Spring 2023 for a community planting celebration!

To donate online, please click here (or on the sidebar) and leave a note about which plant you’re gifting toward. To donate by check, DAF or other financial vehicle, email donate@assabetmarket.coop.  

Let’s Plant Our Future Together, and Thank You!

The Bridge the Gap Fundraising Campaign is an opportunity to make tax-deductible donations to raise an additional $1.75 million, funding that is essential to opening our community-owned grocery store and achieving our mission.

The Challenge

Construction on our community-owned grocery store was planned to be completed in Fall 2022, and more than 2,000 owners and dozens of local farms are eagerly anticipating our opening. Unfortunately, manufacturing delays have pushed our opening to Spring/Summer 2023, and construction costs have increased an unprecedented 80%.

We need to raise an additional $1.75 million in donations to open our doors and make a lasting impact on local farms and our community. It’s a challenge that startups across the country are facing, and it’s a challenge we can and must meet.

What Will Our Donations Do?

The Bridge the Gap Campaign is an opportunity for all Massachusetts residents, including co-op owners and non-owners, to make tax-deductible donations that specifically support:

• Covering the difference in cost overruns on construction, hiring staff, and purchasing product

• Raising the pre-open cash needed to operate for an additional six months before opening

To Donate Now

Massachusetts residents, click Donate Now below (or in the sidebar) to make a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, Cooperative Development Institute.

For Donor Advised Fund Donations or For More Information

To donate through a Donor Advised Fund, by check, or through another financial vehicle, or for more information, e-mail donate@assabetmarket.coop today!

Fundraising Connections

Networking is key to our campaign’s successTo connect us with neighbors, friends, and colleagues who share our cooperative values around local farms, food justice, and the environment and would like to help, please email donate@assabetmarket.coop.

Thank You for Your Support!