Our Mission

Building a Community-Owned Grocery Store

The Assabet Village Co-op Market is an initiative to open a community-owned, full-service grocery store serving the Metro West region. Our target location is Maynard, and our mission is to support the regional food system; strengthen the local economy; promote the well-being of our Members, our community, and the environment; and be a center of community activity.

The Co-op began when a group of people met in 2012 to talk about opening a community-owned grocery store. The group expanded, began selling memberships, and raised seed funds.

We obtained our market study in June 2015 and found that Maynard is the ideal location for a thriving co-op – it’s surrounded by farms (our suppliers), surrounded by towns that value local food, and at the intersections of routes 2, 117, 27, and 62. The studies determined that we can support a 7,500-10,000 square-foot store with an adjacent parking lot. This size will allow for a full-service grocery store where customers can do their weekly shopping.

Should all potential sites in Maynard be exhausted, we will bring it back to our Owners to discuss whether to wait for a viable site in Maynard or locate in one of the bordering towns.

Where are we now?

We now have more than 1,100 Owners from 40 towns and our site search is underway!

What comes next?

Once we sign a lease or purchase agreement, our design consultants will create a vision for our store as we launch a two-phase Capital Campaign, matching traditional bank financing with community funding to build a business that’s around for decades.

For an effective Capital Campaign, we need to reach at least 1,200 Owners by the time we announce our location. That means we need you! Join more than 1,100 friends by becoming an Owner today. Already an Owner? Join our Volunteer Team and help open our Co-op!