Capital Campaign

We reached our goal of $2M in Owner loans!

The Capital Campaign gives all Owners the opportunity to invest in our community-owned grocery store through interest-paying loans, matching traditional bank financing and building a thriving business that’s around for decades.

Who Can Participate?

All Co-op Owners who reside in Massachusetts and are 18 years of age or older can invest.

What Will Our Investments Do?

Our investments will be used to fund our store, from construction to grocery department equipment to community gathering space. And unlike Wall Street investments, we will see our investments make a real impact right here in our community, from the local tradespeople who build our store to the local farmers and employees who fill our shelves and nourish our families.

Your Investment’s Impact

Our Co-op, Our Community

Why invest in your Co-op? Owner loans match bank funding, reducing our risk and ensuring that interest payments go back to you, our Owners, instead of to some far-off corporation. It’s all part of our mission to build a thriving local community and economy.

In the end, it’s about our community, our families’ food, and our values. What could be more important?

Investing in the Co-op will make a meaningful impact on so many things we care about: local farms, the environment, equal access to food, and of course, our community. We’re proud to be part of the Capital Campaign to open our Co-op!

Lorne and Rebecca, Owners #143

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