Store Location

Assabet Co-op Market First Rendering

Our Assabet Co-op Market will be a full-service, community-owned grocery store that prioritizes local producers, increases access to healthy food for all, reduces our food’s carbon footprint, and builds a thriving local economy.

The site search has involved dozens of potential sites and exhaustive market studies to assess location, square footage, costs, demographics, traffic, parking, regional competition and more. From these studies we generate sales forecasts to ensure our chosen site can support a thriving grocery store for decades to come. More than 70% of startup food co-ops that follow this process are still in business after five years, unheard of among small businesses.

Our market studies determined that Maynard is the ideal spot for a thriving co-op: it’s surrounded by farms (our suppliers), surrounded by communities that value local food, and located at the intersections of major routes (2, 27, 62, 117). We are currently evaluating several potential sites and hope to announce our store site soon!

While we do not expect to find a perfect fit, here are some criteria …

  • 6,000-10,000 square feet
  • 35+ parking spaces
  • Loading dock
  • Street visibility
  • Ample car and foot traffic

The Capital Campaign  is already underway – the final phase in our development – and Owners have invested almost $1.5M in interest-paying loans toward our $2m goal! Owners, to invest in the Co-op and in all our shared values around local food and community, e-mail today for our prospectus!

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