Plant Based Party, Saturday, April 20, 12-5pm!

Plant Based Party Square

The first Plant Based Party at the Co-op is this Sat., April 20, 12-5pm! Enjoy vegan samples and live music throughout the party. Plus, new Organic Produce Specials roll out Tuesday, new Co-op Deals on 100+ foods start Wednesday, and the Cookie Dough Bar Donut leads our Donut Sunday menu. Click here to read more!

🍩Donut Sunday, April 21, 9am!🍩

Organic Produce Specials 3.26 4.1Organic Produce Specials 3.26 4.1

Organic Produce Specials 3.26 4.1 (7)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar Donut

Donut Sunday preorders are open – click here to preorder before noon on Wednesday! First-come, first-serve donuts will also be available. See you for Donut Sunday, April 21, at 9am!

🎉Bulk Ordering Is Here!🥳

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Bulk ordering is available to all shoppers, and Co-op Owners save 10% on all bulk orders. To place your bulk order, click here!

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