Spring Owner Loan Campaign Launches!

Spring 2023 Tracker March 11 Social

Hello Co-op Owners!Today we launch the Spring Owner Loan Campaign, an opportunity for all owners to make interest-paying loans to open our doors and support all our shared values around local farms and healthy food access. And passionate owners like you have already pledged more than $100,000 toward our $400,000 spring goal!!!As most folks know, cost increases created by the pandemic left us with a significant funding gap.While we continue to pursue other funding, we must meet our $400,000 spring goal before we open in a few months. Together, we can do this.To request your prospectus with details about making an interest-paying owner loan, email campaign@assabetmarket.coop today!

Here are some frequently asked questions …

  • Are these donations?No, the Spring Capital Loan Campaign is an opportunity for member-owners to invest in the co-op with an interest-paying loan.
  • Can non-member-owners invest?This is a private offering open only to member-owners of the Assabet Co-op Market who reside in Massachusetts.
  • How much interest do the loans return?Interest rates range from 0-5%, depending on the length of the term.
  • I made a loan during the last capital campaign. Can I invest again?Absolutely! Many owners who invested in our previous campaign have already expressed interest in making another loan.
  • Will there be further opportunities to invest?Yes! But we must meet our spring goal before we open our doors in late spring/early summer, so your support now is deeply appreciated. If needed, a fall campaign will seek to raise an additional $600,000 in interest-paying loans. 
  • What is the minimum to invest?The minimum is $2,000, the average is $5,000. To meet our spring goal, we’ll need some folks who have the means to invest $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 and more to do so now. Not everyone is in a position to invest, and that’s ok. We’re a community, and we are in this together.

To request your prospectus today, email campaign@assabetmarket.coop. So many of our shared values are at stake – local farms, healthy food access for all, a real community gathering space where all are welcome. Together, we can make it happen. Let’s do this!Cooperatively & Gratefully,Your Assabet Co-op Market