Holidays Site Search Update & Gift Shares!


Happy Holidays, Co-op Community!

Still haven’t found the perfect gift for your foodie mom, little brother, or best friend? We’ve got you! Gifting aCo op Gift by tim mossholder Co-op Share is EASY and it’ll be one of the most beloved presents you’ll give this year.

Click here to Gift a Share today in our locally sourced, community-owned grocery store. Then scroll down for a Site Search Update, Cool Winter Events, and more!!!

Site Search Update…

While we don’t yet have a spot to announce, we’re in a good place. Several potential sites, including in Maynard, are being worked on. Our Capital Campaign preparations are nearly complete. It is not a matter of if, but WHEN. What happens when we announce our store site? Check it out …
Grow Fund Build Graphic
As soon as we announce our site,
there will be a 4-6-week bonanza as we solidify and share site design plans, do video walkthroughs, get existing members pumped and pull in every last supporter as Owners. We will then launch our Capital Campaign, typically a 6-9-month fundraiser. Halfway through, construction begins. And at the Campaign’s conclusion, we celebrate our GRAND OPENING!

So What Now?
With 1,166 Owners on board, we’re closing in on 1200, the minimum we need when we sign on our site to ensure a quick, effective Capital Owner 1087 ScottCampaign. But why go for minimums?

Let’s reach 1200 Owners by Jan. 1, 1300 by Feb. 1, and 1400 by spring. We can do this! If you haven’t yet joined our community-owned grocery store, CLICK HERE to become an Owner TODAY!

Already an Owner? Thank you! CLICK HERE to share your Co-op passion with an easy email to five friends. Or e-mail to host a fun, easy Co-op house party for friends and neighbors. Let’s grow our Co-op Community and Open Our Store!