Board Update! New Year, New Logo, New Store Rendering!

ACM storefront art 16x10

Happy New Year From the Board!

If all goes according to plan, next holiday season we will be purchasing most of our holiday dining needs at our newly established, dynamic, centrally located, welcoming co-op. Very exciting — and worth the wait!

Each month, we hit new milestones. As a board member (and the designer of the interim logo we’ve been using for the past year or so), it is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to our new logo, created by Maynard artist and designer, Amanda Williams Galvin

For those of you who have been with us for a while, I’m guessing you may have just started getting used to our old “new logo.” Sorry if it feels like we’re playing logo ping pong, but we always knew when we hired an experienced General Manager and our opening was in sight, we would likely revisit our visual identity, with the help of both a logo and store designer.

Amanda has been working closely with Sam (our GM) and the board to create an identity for us that will represent us for many years — dare I say decades — to come. With our feedback and several rounds of finessing, we feel she has more than succeeded. Amanda has created something that just fits and is pretty darn flexible, as we’ll be using this baby on indoor and outdoor signage, business cards, labels, packaging, flyers, social media, our website, yard signs, and a zillion other things.

We look forward to seeing our logo show up, well, everywhere — from your reusable shopping bags, to labels on bulk purchases in your kitchen cabinets, to event reminders on your fridge, to bumper stickers on your car.

Welcome, yet again, to Assabet Co-op Market, your friendly community shopping alternative. With each step forward, we are a step closer to opening day. While there are a number of steps ahead of us, our destination is in sight. We can feel it and smell it and are thrilled to help guide this many-years-long project to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for hanging in there. It’ll be so worth your investment, support, and patience.

David Gerratt, for the ACM board

Walk Through the Design Process Below

With Amanda Williams Galvin!

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