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Co-op Winter Wellness: Valentine’s Truffle Making with Serendipity Cafe!

Chocolate Truffles photo by amirali mirhashemian
Join us for our next Co-op Winter Wellness class, “Valentines Truffle-Making with Serendipity Cafe,” Sat., Feb. 13, at 10am! See the ingredients list below.
Fellow Co-op Owners Laura and Johnny Hobson, owners of Hobson’s Homemade & Serendipity Cafe, will show us how to make scratch-made chocolate truffles for Valentine’s Day. This class is FREE – we will post the video on our Facebook page and e-mail it to the Co-op Community. Please visit serendipitycafemaynard.com for menu & more information about Serendipity, and let’s support a great local business!
1 (~14oz) can of coconut creme (or if one prefers 1 pint of heavy cream or whipping cream)
2 (~12oz) bags of good quality real chocolate chips -or- the equivalent amount of any plain chopped chocolate (such as discs, or bars)
~1 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder
(The above is all you need ingredient wise to make this recipe)
Folks may wish to add any/all of the following for coating their truffles, in addition to the traditional cocoa powder:
-finely chopped nuts of choice
-freeze dried fruit
-valentine’s themed sprinkles
-finely crushed cereal, cookies, or candies
-spices/other additions to the cocoa powder (cinnamon, cayenne pepper, espresso powder, powdered matcha tea)
This recipe can be done with simply a heat/microwave safe bowl, a spatula, and a simple dinner plate, but having the following items on hand will make for a more ideal experience:
– small (1 TBSP) size cookie scoop
– medium size whisk
– blender, coffee grinder, or food processor
– sheet tray with parchment, wax paper or silicone liner
– small bowls for rolling truffles in coating

This event is free.