Urgent Board Message: Bridge the Gap Campaign

Bridge the Gap Fundraising Logo 1

Dear Co-op Owners,

We have so much to celebrate as we head into fall…

  • Our grocery store is now being built at 86 Powder Mill Road (woohoo!)
  • Our Co-op community has grown to more than 2,000 proud owners!
  • Last fall’s capital campaign reached its goal of $2M in community loans
  • Our Sustainability Campaign has raised almost $350,000 in donations

We also have sobering news to share with you.We recently learned that a delay in the manufacturing/shipping of our refrigeration equipment will push our opening to Spring/Summer 2023.Our Co-op is experiencing explosive increases in construction costs, approximately 80% since the completion of our Capital Campaign at the end of 2021, which have been seen in building projects across the country. We have the resources to complete construction this fall, but it leaves us without the funds to hire staff, fill our shelves, and meet our operational needs.  It is essential that we raise an additional $1.75 million in donations to open our Co-op on solid financial footing. We can do this! It is not the first time our amazing community has banded together to move us toward opening this store!  With the launch of this fundraising campaign in September, we are committed to building a cooperative grocery store that is as strong on Day 1 as Day 1,000. With conviction, Assabet Co-op Market Board of DirectorsPlease read further about how you can contribute to this tax-deductible fundraising effort!

Help us bridge the gap from construction to opening day

On September 1, the Co-op will launch our Bridge the Gap: Urgent Action Fundraising Campaign, an opportunity to make tax-deductible donations to help raise an additional $1.75 million so we can open our doors. These donations are made possible through our fiscal sponsor, the Cooperative Development Institute. This campaign will run through the fall and is open to all Massachusetts residents, including non-owners.

  • If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation online, click here to donate today.
  • If you would like to donate through a Donor Advised Fund or other financial vehicle, or would like to talk with our board and staff further about this campaignplease email donate@assabetmarket.coop.
  • To connect us with folks in your network who share our values and who would like to help us bridge the gap from construction to opening day please email info@assabetmarket.coop.

In mid-September, the Board and General Manager Sam McCormick will host a Co-op Town Hall to update the community and answer questions. More details will be coming soon. To contact with the board before then, e-mail board@assabetmarket.coop.Thank you for your continued support. Our store is becoming a reality, and together we will meet this final challenge, open our doors, and make a meaningful impact for years to come.