2019 Annual Owners Meeting Highlights!

Annual Meeting 2019 Pic 7

On Oct. 27, nearly 150 of you came together for our biggest and most inspirational Annual Owners Meeting in our 6-year history. What happened? Here are the highlights and pics. Many thanks to Brent Mathison Photography for his fantastic photos …

  • Our Board spoke about the path forward to Opening Day – and the unanimous decision to fight through every obstacle on our way there.
  • Director Siobain Mitchell mentioned an appointment she had just last week with yet another potential site.
  • Director of Outreach & Communications Lorne Bell spoke of 36 volunteers panning out across 54 events in the last year – AWESOME!
  • We got a sneak peak at our new Website, coming soon!
  • We had tremendous feedback from Owners, including a BOLD vision and even bolder campaign. 1200 Owners by Jan. 1? Why Not 1300, 1500, 1800! Check out the My Five E-mail campaign below …
  • THREE new Owners joined at the meeting!
  • The Board Director Application Period was REOPENED to bring in more passionate leaders. Click HERE to apply by Nov. 30.

  • And we heard the inspirational story of River Valley Co-op in Northampton, which saw TWO sites fall through on its 11-year journey to becoming the nation’s most successful food Co-op. (Watch that full video here.)

So, What’s Next?

  • HUGE Community Growth – As our Board aggressively pursues potential sites for our store, Owners, CLICK HERE for the My Five E-mail! It’s an easy template to send to five friends encouraging them to join. It takes

    3 minutes and it can bring in hundreds of new Owners TODAY!

  • Join Our Dynamite Volunteer Team! E-mail Lorne@assabetvillage.coop get involved. From tabling at events to hosting a Co-op
    House Party, you can help open our store!