Site Negotiations Have Begun! Plus, Coronavirus Resources …

Assabet Co-op Market - Co op Storefront Collage

Co-op Site Negotiations Are On!!!

While we can’t offer specifics, we are in preliminary negotiations with at least one of the 11 potential sites we’re targeting for our locally sourced, community-owned grocery store, and search director Rob Olney is working around the clock. At this stage, we must be extremely sensitive to the negotiations process and all parties involved. We will have an update for our Owners when we know more.

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*The first Committee meetings will be held online to keep everyone healthy.

Coronavirus: Getting Groceries & Local Coffee Delivered, Supporting Local Farms & Businesses, and Home Cleaning That Works …

For the health and safety of the community, we have cancelled all Co-op events for at least the next several weeks. We will still assemble the Committees mentioned above – which are essential to opening our store – but initial meetings will be online.

Read on for ways to get groceries and locally roasted coffee delivered, support local biz, and clean your home to fight Covid-19 …

Grocery Shopping Online

If our community-owned grocery store were open, you better believe we would be delivering groceries. But because we are not, here are some links to online grocery delivery options. Some slots fill up quick – try ordering late night or early morning.

Roche Bros:

Pea Pod:

Whole Foods:

Locally Roasted Coffee Delivered to Your Door

Many local coffee roasters are delivering coffee – fresh roasted, whole bean and ground – right to your door.

At Muddy Water Coffee Roasters, owner Tim Van Sipe (a Co-op Owner!) does FREE delivery every day. You can pre-order online and he’ll leave the bags on your front stoop. And Tim’s taking every precaution:

“I don’t ever touch the beans with my hands and I practice good hand washing hygiene while bagging the beans, and I’m using Clorox wipes on my hands while delivering.”

For free Muddy Water coffee delivery, CLICK HERE.

For delivery from Karma Coffee Roasters in Sudbury, CLICK HERE.

And to order from Union Coffee Roaster in Ayer, CLICK HERE.

Supporting Local Producers & Businesses from Home

Local farms, coffee roasters, cheese makers and more are suffering during this public health crisis. But we can support our local food producers.

Whenever you consider heading to a local farm or business but opt to stay home instead, please consider purchasing an online gift card or CSA share. It may be for $5 or $25. You can save it for yourself or start an early birthday or holiday stash.

If we all do this, we can provide vital support for our beloved local producers, some of whom might not make it without us.

Find Maynard’s local eateries and shops here!

  • Reserve your CSA share to Small Farm in Stow by clicking here.
  • Order a gift card at Hutchins Farm in Concord by calling Liza at 978-369-5041.
  • Order organic seeds for spring planting from Daisy Hill Farm in Acton by clicking here!
  • And find a full list of local farm CSAs by clicking here.

Home Cleaning that Kills Covid-19

Consumer Reports released an important article about how to effectively clean your home to kill the coronavirus, even if you can’t find Clorox wipes onilne …

“There are a number of cleaning products you probably have around the house already, and that stores are more likely to have in stock, that are effective in deactivating the novel coronavirus.” – Consumer Reports

For the full article in Consumer Reports, click here.