Site Announcement & Capital Campaign Are Coming!

Assabet Co-op Market - Co op Storefront Collage

Co-op Owners and Supporters, It’s Time …

Should all go well, we will announce the Maynard location of our locally sourced, community-owned grocery store in the next few weeks! And yes, we will OWN our grocery store property!

Here’s what this means for ALL of us …

  • Owners, Our Capital Campaign is Coming!
    The Owner loan campaign will launch in September, and volunteers are working around the clock to prepare. As Owners, this is our chance to make our Co-op Community’s vision a reality. A full-service grocery store that prioritizes local farms and producers and is owned by US. No far-away corporate shareholders siphoning profits from our community and telling us where we can source food or what to pay our employees. Our grocery store, our local farmers, our families, our Co-op Community. Unlike Wall Street investments, the Capital Campaign gives Owners the opportunity to invest in our cooperative grocery store with interest-paying loans – and to SEE our investments make an immediate impact in our community.
    From the local tradespeople who build our store to our Co-op employees and all the local producers who fill our shelves and feed our Community. Owners, learn more about investing in the Capital Campaign by e-mailing!
  • Supporters, Time to Join the Co-op!
    Almost 1,300 locals like you are already Owners in our Co-op. We get GREAT benefits, and we get a full-service grocery store that prioritizes LOCAL producers, reduces our food’s carbon footprint, increases access to healthy food for all and builds a thriving local economy. Click here to become an Owner TODAY!*For every new Owner who joins in July, the Co-op will donate $10 to the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust, a nonprofit, community-led organization whose mission is to advance land sovereignty in the northeast through permanent and secure land tenure for Indigenous, Black, Latinx, and Asian farmers and land stewards!To learn more about the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust, head to *Donations will come from our Co-op, not new Owners’ equity.