Potential Purchase in the Works – Building Inspector Hired!

Assabet Co-op Market - Co op Storefront Collage

Dear Co-op Owners and Supporters,

We have two exciting pieces of news to share:

FIRST, we can confirm now that we are in negotiations to PURCHASE our own Maynard property for our community-owned grocery store! What does that mean? Should this go as planned, we will literally OWN our food cooperative and not be beholden to landlords. It also frees us to make our co-op – its design, features, etc. – truly reflect our community

SECOND, we have hired our building inspector, who will soon inspect the building to make sure it is suitable to become our grocery store There is more to do, but clearing this inspection would be our next major step toward securing our store.

So, what’s next?!

    If you haven’t joined our community-owned grocery store, CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY! With more than 1,200 Owners on board and our potential site making progress, it’s time! Owners get great benefits, and you’ll be proud to own a grocery store that puts #communityfirst by sourcing from local producers, reducing our food’s carbon footprint, paying good wages, and building a sustainable local economy. Click here to become an Owner today!
    We are assembling the final pieces of our Capital Campaign, which gives Member-Owners the opportunity to invest in their store and open our doors! If you want more info and to be added to our list of potential early investors, click here to e-mail Siobain@assabetvillage.coop!
    While our health and families are our top priorities right now, if you have the time and passion, we need all hands on deck to open our store and make a huge impact for decades to come. Store committees are meeting regularly online. To join your fellow Owners and be part of this historic moment, e-mail the contacts below!

Capital Campaign Committee – From phone banking to data tracking to community outreach, there’s a role for everyone! To join the team, click here to e-mail Lorne@assabetvillage.coop.

Grant Writing Committee – We’re working to secure more than $500K in federal, state, and local grants. Each “get” will set off a big celebration! To join the Grant Writing team, click here to e-mail Siobain@assabetvillage.coop.

Store Development Committee – Play a role in our store’s design, features, and products. To join the SDC team, click here to e-mail Rob@assabetvillage.coop!

Hiring Committee – Help us hire our Capital Campaign Coordinator and conduct a nationwide search for our store’s General Manager! To join the Hiring Committee, click here to e-mail Siobain@assabetvillage.coop!

Co-ops are making a huge impact during this crisis, sourcing local food, keeping communities fed, protecting workers, and putting every penny of profits back into the local community. Let’s make this happen together. Let’s open our community-owned grocery store!