Board Site Search Update for April 2021!

Board of Directors 2021 Black and White

From Your Assabet Co-op Market Board:

Time for another update!

Our new General Manager, Sam, has brought skills, time, and attention to locating a site quickly, building on the solid effort and leads that the Board has been working on tirelessly for the past year. Sam has also been laying the foundation for a successful business in tightening up our financial tracking, upgrading software tools and consulting with co-op professionals.

Sam, as the designated point person for our site search, has considered a number of sites along with several Board Members, touring five properties over the last four weeks. We are strategically evaluating each property for its merits and ability to meet our co-op’s needs for a successful store.  We ruled out three of the sites and are now pursuing two opportunities, one of which is a lease.  

So, what comes next? We will get sales forecasts, run the numbers, and begin negotiations. We’ll keep you posted with another update in the near future.

As always, thank you for your continued support and patience! You can reach out to us any time by emailing