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Co-op Winter Wellness Series: FREE Tai Chi with Metrowest Kung Fu

Co-op Winter Wellness Series: Tai Chi Class with Metrowest Kung Fu
As part of our Co-op Winter Wellness series, we’ve partnered with Metrowest Kung Fu in Maynard for a FREE online Tai Chi* class!
For a Zoom link to this free class – appropriate for all levels, including beginner – e-mail Lorne@assabetmarket.coop TODAY.
And to support a GREAT local business, see MetroWest Kung Fu’s full lineup of martial arts classes and sign yourself or a loved one up today!: http://metrowestkungfu.com/
We’ll see you Saturday, Jan. 23 at 11:15am!
*What Is Tai Chi?
“Translating to “Supreme Ultimate Fist,’ Tai Chi Quan (太極拳) is a Taoist martial art that is practiced slowly and gently. Some study Tai Chi for its benefits to balance and body awareness. Many find its pursuit of natural relaxation effective in stress-relief. Martial arts students often augment their training with Tai Chi to increase their understanding of body mechanics and energy transfer, making them more solidly-rooted, effective fighters.” – Metrowest Kung Fu

This event is free.