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Capital Campaign Committee Meeting

Assabet Village Co-op Market - New Owner Collage

It’s time for the first Capital Campaign Committee meeting! We will meet online on Zoom, Tuesday, April 21, 7-8pm. For Zoom access, please e-mail Siobain@assabetvillage.coop.

We understand not everyone will be able to meet – our families, work, and health are our top priorities right now. But if you have the capacity and want to help, we would love to have you be part of this chat.

Startup co-ops across the country are providing invaluable community resources right now, connecting folks with essential food resources while marching toward opening full-service grocery stores built to serve the community, not enrich shareholders. Our hope is to come out on the other side of this crisis with our own locally sourced, community-owned grocery store. Our store, where we can proudly shop, reconnect with each other, and celebrate community and food again.

Please be well and stay safe. Hope to see you (online) on Tuesday, April 21.

This event is free.